About Us

PianoCraft specializes in the restoration, rebuilding, customization, care and sales of theAngie's List great handmade pianos. PianoCraft’s showroom has been called “the closest thing a serious pianist comes to heaven.”

When you visit PianoCraft’s showroom, you will enjoy an extensive collection of the world’s finest new, pre-owned, and rebuilt pianos prepped to PianoCraft’s unmatched standard. PianoCraft features Steinways from every era, Steingraeber, Estonia, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Bluthner, Brodmann, Charles Walter, Feurich, Yamaha, Kawai and many others.

PianoCraft has earned a national and international reputation for their expertise with the rebuilding, customization, service and sales of vintage and modern Steinway and Mason & Hamlin grand pianos and is the destination for Steinway’s flagship model D concert grands for many prestigious institutions including the Smithsonian!

PianoCraft is equally qualified with rebuilding, restoring and caring for instruments from fine American makers such as Baldwin, Knabe, Chickering as well as elite European makes such as Hamburg Steinway, Blüthner, Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Broadwood, and Pleyel.

All rebuilding and restoration is done at PianoCraft’s state of the art rebuilding facility.

The Beginning

Founded in 1968, PianoCraft ( then known as Gaithersburg PianoCrafts ) began its life as a tuning and service business using a creative and personal approach. By working closely with each pianist and explaining the possibilities of their instrument, each client’s piano would be tailored to their specific needs and budget through expert tuning, voicing, regulation, and customization.

In 1979, Gaithersburg PianoCrafts opened a workshop in a building in the backyard of a private residence, adding restoration to the tuning and service business.

The Transformation

In 2001, Concert Pianist Shaun Tirrell, and pianist/composer Keith Kerman became majority owners and recreated PianoCraft . Longtime friends since they were classmates at the Peabody Conservatory of Music, and collaborators on professional recording projects and concert series, Keith and Shaun brought with them a deep and personal understanding of the exacting performance needs of concert pianists, recording engineers, concert halls, institutions, and teaching studios. The goal of offering pianos that performed at a level that was previously only available in the best concert halls and recording studios would now be pursued with an almost missionary zeal. Regardless of level or budget, piano students and enthusiasts of all ages would now have access to the same resources that were previously only available to concert pianists and recording artists.

Gaithersburg PianoCrafts became PianoCraft, and Keith and Shaun dramatically expanded every facet of the business. The shop would grow to become a world class rebuilding facility, known not only for using the best materials and craftsmanship, but for having an equally uncompromising focus and insight into the piano’s performance. Everything was now done in house including the crafting of soundboards, custom action work, and top level refinishing work. Unique in the rebuilding and restoration business, PianoCraft would develop technical standards previously only available in the most expensive new pianos.
Additionally, an extensive collection of the finest new, pre-owned, and rebuilt pianos would now be offered including Steinways from every era, Mason & Hamlin, Steingraeber, Baldwin, Bluthner, Estonia, Brodmann, Charles Walter, Feurich and many others.

Word spread quickly, and PianoCraft pianos would soon be found in the homes of major Juilliard piano faculty, at Lincoln Center in New York, at museums like the Smithsonian and the Phillips collection and at important institutions such as Carnegie Mellon, Strathmore Hall and Shriver Hall. And while PianoCraft takes a great deal of pride in the demand for its services by famous artists, museums and concert halls, we take an even greater pride in our ability to help every piano enthusiast, from the budding new student on a tight budget, to the most experienced pianist looking for the piano of their dreams.

As PianoCraft continues to grow, the core principles of finding and developing each instrument’s potential for the specific needs of each pianist and venue continue to guide PianoCraft’s approach. PianoCraft never takes for granted that we are here to help and support your quest for the most satisfying musical experience with your current piano, or with your future PianoCraft piano.
Please contact us at 888-840-5460, or mail@pianocraft.net to find out how PianoCraft can help you with your piano needs.