PianoCraft is proud and delighted to be the official authorized Baldwin piano dealer for the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia metropolitan areas. The American owned Baldwin piano company’s storied history goes back more than 150 years and is rivaled in the United States only by the Boston era pre 1930 Mason & Hamlins, and by Steinway.

PianoCraft’s official relationship with Baldwin dates back to the very early 2000s when Baldwin hired PianoCraft to do concert & artist work for Baldwin and Baldwin artists in the Baltimore – Washington DC metropolitan area at venues such as the Kennedy Center.

PianoCraft’s unofficial relationship with Baldwin goes back much further. Co – owner Shaun Tirrell’s first grand piano was a hand crafted 7′ Baldwin which he personally selected at the Tanglewood performing arts center. This was Shaun’s personal home instrument throughout his years at Oberlin and later at the Peabody Conservatory of Music on which he prepared for many important competitions and concerts.

At Peabody, in Julian Martin’s studio ( Keith Kerman and Shaun Tirrell’s teacher ) there sat 2 pianos side by side. A Baldwin SF ( 7′) and a Steinway B ( 6’11”). Also at Peabody, there were many Baldwin grand pianos in the practice rooms, and several of the concert halls had a Baldwin concert grand.

PianoCraft offers new, used and rebuilt Baldwin Grands in all sizes including the 4’10” BP148, the 5′ BP152, the 5’2″ M, the 5’5″ BP165, the 5’8″ R, the 5’10” BP178 , the 6’3″ L, the 6’3″ BP190, the 7′ SF10 and the 9′ SD10.

PianoCraft offers Baldwin vertical pianos in all sizes from console to studio to upright to upright grand, including the B124, the B120, the B125, the B49, the B122, the B243, B342, B442 and the B252.

PianoCraft will also rebuild or restore your Baldwin to the highest possible standard. PianoCraft’s highly trained piano technicians are ready to tune and service your Baldwin.

For more information about Baldwin pianos, or to arrange an appointment to audition a Baldwin piano at PianoCraft, please contact us at 301-840-5462, 888-840-5460, or