Charles Walter Pianos

PianoCraft is proud to carry the last and quite possibly the best of the hand-made American uprights.

That they cost around 1/3 to 1/2 the price of their nearest competitor’s pianos and produce superior tonal and performance results with superior materials, fit and finish is something you must experience in person to believe!

These pianos have the quintessential American sound, big, warm, deep, rich and full blooded. This is a sound that is not available in pianos made in Europe or Asia, and one that we find particularly appealing. Our clients seem to love this sound as well!

PianoCraft is also happy to offer the Walter W-178 and W-190 grand pianos. These grands are uniquely designed to be very musical and have a much softer dynamic range than traditional piano designs.

You be the judge

Call PianoCraft to make an appointment to audition these marvelous hand crafted American made pianos and decide for yourself if the tonal production, action sensitivity, finish and build quality of the Charles Walter upright outperforms pianos costing two, and even three times more! We look forward to your response, even though we have a pretty good idea what it will be!

Unique Design Features

Longer overall key length (one to three inches longer than most other pianos) provides better control, greater sensitivity, and minimizes the variation in touch weight between the front and back of the key. Grand size key covers enlarge the playing surface for those accustomed to performing on grand pianos

Grand-Shaped Soundboard

Scientifically-designed acoustical reflectors are shaped and located to reflect sound waves back into the center of the board, and to avoid the detrimental interference due to corner reflection. The reflectors give the soundboard the more optimum grand piano shape, enhancing the treble, providing longer sustain, eliminating tubbiness in the bass, while helping provide clarity of tone.

Smooth Scaling

The scale is the combination of string lengths, string diameters, and string tensions for the purpose of obtaining the best musical sound. It is largely determined mathematically and is observable in the finished piano by tone, note to note consistency of sound, the blending of chords, and ease of tuning. Scaling is especially important in notes just above and below where the strings change angle, often called “the break”.

Tuners frequently comment on how easy the Walter piano is to tune even across the break. Smooth scaling is a feature that clearly sets the Walter piano in a class by itself.

Crowned Soundboard and Ribs

Selected solid quarter-sawn Bavarian or Sitka spruce with no less then eight annular growth rings per inch. Ribs, liners and bridges are all carefully shaped to insure a precise, permanently-crowned assembly. Feathered ribs are positioned in a special shaped pattern and are inset into notched liners for unified construction. A catalytic varnish helps seal against the effects of humidity changes.


The Model 1500 heavy duty, direct blow action gives a more sensitive, quick response to the touch. It features fine-grained buckskin on the wear points and long hammer shanks to increase the potential power of the hammer blow. This action is regulated, settled, and then carefully inspected and re-regulated. Special materials are used to minimize changes in the regulation due to use.

Individually Lead-Weighted Keys

A standard weight is placed on the front of each key while key leads are positioned to obtain proper calibration. Every key is calibrated separately with weights placed differently both in position and number. Individually lead-weighted keys provide a consistent touch from note to note.

Placing weights in the same position on every key is like balancing all four wheels of a car based on the individual balance requirements of only one of the wheels. Few manufacturers invest the time and expense required to vary weights in both position and number for the purpose of obtaining the proper touch weight. Better built grand pianos all have individually lead-weighted keys.

Heavy Backposts

Five extra-heavy (2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) solid Spruce backposts give rigid back construction upon which the rest of the piano can be built. Both console and studio pianos have back structures which exceed school specifications for studio pianos.

Elegant Cabinets

Walter pianos are noted for their elegant, hand-rubbed, lacquer finishes available in both high sheen and satin.


Standing behind the Walter piano are piano builders dedicated to producing the finest pianos money can buy. The custom-quality size of the Walter Company is part of the criteria for a piano represented by PianoCraft.

Each employee is a carefully selected individual with background and abilities especially suited to the position required. Every new employee is trained under the careful supervision of a Walter family member. Walter piano craftsmen have the unique opportunity to be involved in a larger part of the production process than the average piano factory worker. The result is greater individual responsibility, and greater care and pride in the final product. Production automation is used only where it contributes to consistent quality. There is no substitute for many of the detailed, hand operations of piano construction.


Walter Piano craftsmanship is guaranteed by a Twelve Year Full Warranty. The Walter warranty is transferable to subsequent owners and covers not only parts, but also labor, the most expensive part of any piano repair.