As the ownership of PianoCraft is composed of conservatory trained pianists, we feel a special connection to the Estonia Piano Company in that it is the only current piano manufacturer owned by a real concert pianist. It was not uncommon in the 19th century for European piano manufacturers to be owned and guided by concert pianists such as John Fields and Muzio Clementi. That time is all but gone now with the exception of the Estonia Piano Company, owned and directed by Juilliard trained concert pianist Dr. Indrek Laul.

Over the last 7 years, Estonia pianos have consistently been recognized as the best value in hand crafted European pianos, costing about half and often less than half the price of similarly made pianos coming from Germany. This accomplishment would satisfy any piano manufacturer, but the Estonia piano is so much more. It is a piano that has a romantic, singing voice all its own. While every piano manufacturer of integrity strives to find its own unique voice, few in this age of homogenization come close.

PianoCraft carries all sizes of Estonia grand pianos, where they are prepared to a standard only available at PianoCraft. We invite you to make an appointment to try this beautiful instrument and find out for yourself if it lives up to its enviable reputation. For about the price of the mass produced pianos from the Orient, you can own a true, European hand crafted, limited production piano with a voice all its own.


Please contact us at 888-840-5460, or to learn more about Estonia grand pianos at PianoCraft.

Estonia offers the following models of grand pianos:

Model 168 – 5’6” Studio grand
Model 190 – 6’3” Parlour Grand
Model 274 – 9’ Concert Grand

Technical Specifications

Dimension Studio Grand             Model 168 Parlour Grand Model 190 Concert Grand Model 274
Length 5’6 in (168 cm) 6’3 in (190 cm) 9’0 in (274 cm)
Width 5’0 in (152 cm) 5’0 in (152 cm) 5’2 in (158 cm)
Height 3’4 in (101,5 cm) 3’4 in (101,5 cm) 3’4 in (101,5 cm)
Net Weight 772 lb (350 kg) 794 lb (360 kg) 1 213 lb (550 kg)


Description Studio Grand Parlour Grand Concert Grand
Rim Thick Baltic wood, multiple layers to support the special Estonia sound
Braces spruce, crosscut 4×2 in (11 x 5 cm) spruce, crosscut 5×2 in (11,5 x 5,4 cm) spruce, crosscut 5×2 in (12 x 5,5 cm)
Pin Block Highest grade, from Germany
Soundboard Made of the highest quality European spruce, imported from Germany. All clear grade, specially selected.
Soundboard area 13,46 sq.ft (1,25 sq.m) 14,96 sq.ft (1,39 sq.m) 22,93 sq.ft (2,13 sq.m)
Ribs 10 radial grain made of spruce 13 radial grain made of spruce 17 radial grain made of spruce
Treble bridge red beech, full timber, topmost: maple red beech, glued wood, 11 vertically layers, topmost: maple
Bass bridge bridge-construction, red beech, topmost: maple red beech, topmost: maple
Scale Special European scale-design


Features Studio Grand Parlour Grand Concert Grand
Plate European sand cast iron plates, highest-quality finish
Tuning Pins Highest grade, from Germany
Strings Highest quality, imported steel piano wire from Germany. Bass wires are core wound with pure copper, handmade at the Estonia Piano Factory
Longest bass wire 123,9 cm 141,5 cm 201,8 cm
Hammers The highest quality hammers – Renner Blue, made by the Renner Company, Germany
Action First class actions by Renner, Germany
Keys Spruce, made by the ESTONIA Piano Factory. Key covers from Kluge, Germany. Also use Kluge keyboards from Germany. Kluge, Germany
Felts The best wool, special order from Germany and England
Pedals Three pedals: Una corda, Full sostenuto, and Full sustain