What people are saying

“It is my great pleasure to share with you a little bit of my experience with the wonderful company PianoCraft in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
I have played on many pianos that have been worked on by these extraordinary craftsmen, and nowhere in the world do I find pianos that I’m happier to play ….. that respond more sweetly and deliciously to my musical intentions.
Nowhere in the world have I come across a collection of craftsmen, technicians, and pianists as skillful, as sensitive, as trustworthy, as artistically deeply satisfying as I have found here at PianoCraft.
We usually think that greatness is something that we have to travel a long way to get to—like Hamburg or New York—to play the finest pianos in the world. We are very lucky, because that is not the case for those of us here in Maryland—we can come right here to PianoCraft in Gaithersburg, and be treated to the finest pianos in the world.”

Brian Ganz
concert pianist
Piano Faculty
The Peabody Conservatory of Music

“What AMG is to Mercedes, PianoCraft is to Pianos. It is far and away the best Piano shop/showroom I have ever seen, or am aware of. “

Eric Himy Concert Pianist

“As I mentioned in my earlier message, PianoCraft’s rebuild of my 1899 Steinway A proved to be a great success in our recent Brahms/Schoenberg concert. The piano’s efficiency at producing a sizable volume is astounding, and the tone is rich yet clear-very much like that of a luscious Hamburg. It seems to me to be a near-ideal chamber music instrument for a small to mid-sized hall.”

Kenneth Slowik
Curator of Musical Instruments at the Smithsonian
Artistic Director, Smithsonian Chamber Music Society

………..it may well be the best 7′ piano in the world. Maybe we can drop the 7′ qualification.

Ethan Torrey referencing his 1925 PianoCraft Steinway B, fully rebuilt by PianoCraft.

“This piano is exactly what a concert grand should be. It is a perfect
balance between a New York and a Hamburg Steinway, with the singing treble,
balance and refinement often associated with the Hamburg Steinway, but with
the massive power in the bass that is the trademark of the New York Steinway
sound. The immediate tone with lack of percussiveness makes it a wonderful
recording instrument, and its ability to project makes it an ideal
performance piano. In a large hall, the piano sounds just as clear in the
back of the hall as it does on stage.

Dr. Cleveland L. Page, Ph.D
Professor of Piano
Chair, Piano Division (1996-2008)
University of Maryland, College Park

” It has been a great pleasure to perform on the pianos from PianoCraft. These magnificent instruments are a true joy and pleasure to perform on and the range of color, nuance, and polish that one is able to achieve on these instruments is really unparalleled. I think the guiding force of the owners, being tremendous pianists themselves, contribute greatly to the fact, and I hope to be able to continue to be able to perform on these instruments for many years to come. ”

Thomas Pandolfi
concert pianist

” PianoCraft: best place for pianos bar none. It has everything that you would dream of as a Pianist available. Great instruments worked on by great people, and their commitment of making the instrument everything it could possibly be is the best I’ve ever seen. It’s just hard to describe what a joy it is to play on an instrument that can respond to whatever you do. It’s nice to know that places like this exist.
The store is amazing; the people are amazing. What they do with the instruments is amazing. They start with quality instruments, but then that’s only the first step. They go the extra mile, or the extra ten or twenty miles to really get the piano to the point where you can do anything you want it to. It’s what you always think a piano should be. But, usually you run in to a “if only it could have this or that.” Never comes up with these instruments. It’s there. Bravo, PianoCraft! “

Dr. Ernest Barretta
Piano Faculty
The Juilliard School