PianoCraft’s Relax and Take your time Steinway Piano Sale

PianoCraft is proud to invite you to our

Relax and Take Your Time  

Steinway Piano Sale!


PianoCraft Steinway Selection Room     


In bringing a Steinway to its potential, there is no substitute for time.  


Whether manufacturing a Steinway, rebuilding a Steinway, or developing the performance of a Steinway, it takes not only expertise, but time. Lots of time.


And when choosing a Steinway, you also need time. You need to be in an environment that allows and encourages you to take your time to really listen and play the Steinways that you are considering. You should feel relaxed and enjoy the experience.


The One Day Sale?  


So why would anyone want to be subjected to hard ball, high pressure sales tactics in a one day sale? You know, the kind of high pressure sale associated with Oriental rug dealers and used car salesmen. The type of sale that is designed specifically to make anyone who shows up feel the most pressure possible.   


How can anyone even hear the pianos they are trying to audition when there are multiple people banging away at them at the same time?


How can anyone make the right decision when they are being hounded by high pressure, commissioned salesmen?


The answer is you can’t. It is impossible.  


You won’t find this kind of nonsense at PianoCraft. Our Steinways are too good, and our clients are too smart. Frankly, the ownership and staff at PianoCraft are embarrassed that the pianos we love are sold in such a questionable manner. We hope you choose to avoid such an unpleasant experience.


There is an alternative.  


PianoCraft is offering a wonderful selection of historic, golden age, and nearly brand new Steinways at real sale prices.  


It was as if my wife and I had snuck away for a European holiday and wandered down a narrow winding street into the shop of a fine instrument restorer who was so enthused abut his work that he couldn’t stop educating us on the art, science, and materials that go into a fine instrument.  We didn’t feel rushed or “led” into a any direction by a salesman, but just guided along the way by fellow music-lovers until the right piano found us.  What a delightful time!  It was a musical “date” we will always remember.

The Hammermans 


You will find all sizes of Steinways from baby grand, to living room grand, to concert grand in ebony and wood finishes. And our real sale prices won’t suddenly end because of some manufactured, high pressure today only sales gimmick.  The sale prices on our current Steinways will remain until they are sold.   


Please call 301-840-5462 or E-Mail us to make an appointment at your leisure. Sleep on it. Come back again and again if that is what you need. Choose the right Steinway for you and your family, and in the right way.
Or, if you prefer, send an email to mail@pianocraft.net


Because we are PianoCraft: 


Because we are PianoCraft, you will never be subjected to the harassment of commissioned piano salesperson.


We appreciate the rare opportunity to deal with owners who are musicians first.  It made all the difference…You are the only piano source in the area we now unequivocally recommend to our students.

Kathy Judd, Director, Washington Conservatory of Music 


Because this is PianoCraft, your piano will receive our incomparable prep, service, and double the Steinway factory length warranty.


Because we are PianoCraft, you will have the peace of mind of doing business with not only the premiere piano shop in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area, but a piano shop with a national and international reputation.


So, call PianoCraft at 301-840-5462 or E-Mail us and make an appointment to audition our truly wonderful Steinway grand pianos.  Take all the time you need.  We insist.