Rebuilding & Restoration of Pianos


“I traded in my nearly brand new (2 years old) Steinway B on a PianoCraft rebuilt Steinway B. It seems crazy, but the PianoCraft Steinway was just so much better in every way.”
-Ken Luurs, Senior Director The American Academy of Dermatology

“The entire process has been a delight. Visiting your facilities helped convince me of the extraordinary care you lavish on the pianos you refurbish. I appreciated the loaner piano, the follow-up tunings, the promptness of delivery, the elegant workmanship and care you lavished on my instrument, as well as the frequent progress updates. All of these qualities combined to create an ambiance of a world-class organization.”
– Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Vrenios,
Professor Emerita, American University Department of Performing Arts
PianoCraft custom rebuilt 1905 Steinway O grand piano

“. . . the Piano Craft team distinguished itself in categories that other firms were unable to offer. We were deeply impressed with the level of concert preparation modern instruments will not easily match.”
– Scott M Wilson
PianoCraft custom rebuilt 1913 Mason & Hamlin A grand piano

Our Piano Rebuilding Experience

Over the past 35+ years, PianoCraft craftsmen/artisans have restored hundreds of pianos, including concert grands, semi-concert grands, living room grands, baby grands, uprights and even historic fortepianos.

PianoCraft has a particular expertise with the rebuilding of Steinway and Mason & Hamlin grand pianos and is the destination to rebuild Steinway’s flagship model D concert grands for many prestigious institutions including the Smithsonian!

PianoCraft is equally qualified with rebuilding and restoring instruments from fine American makers such as Knabe, Chickering and Baldwin as well as elite European makes such as Blüthner, Hamburg Steinway, Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Broadwood, and Pleyel.

Piano Craft Rebuilding Workshop

All PianoCraft rebuilding takes place at PianoCraft. We make our own soundboards and pinblocks, all action work and customization is done at PianoCraft, and we have our own finish department. This is an important distinction from firms that outsource part or all of their work. Because all aspects of rebuilding are complex, interrelated and dependant, being able to do everything at PianoCraft guarantees a level of quality control and performance that cannot otherwise be achieved.

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If you would like more information about PianoCraft’s approach to rebuilding or are interested in visiting our shop and seeing our work in person, please contact us at 888-840-5460 or